Tamara Stosic

Chemical Engineer


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Resume File


Dear recruitment team of A-Team Works4U,

I am applying for the position Quality Engineer based on the announcement posted on Indeed website.

Being a graduate engineer of Chemical Technology I believe that my educational background and recent experience qualifies me for this job, as I am provided with knowledge of all responsibilities it implicates and be skilled to make design of quality standards, develop quality control systems and determine corrective actions and assure quality in accordance with good manufacturing practices.

The enclosed resume describes my relevant skills and experience in more detail. However, in the lines to follow I will try to present myself in a brief manner: eager to learn and develop my expertise, having good communicative skills, committed to innovation and continuous improvement, capable of working independently and in a team as well. My character can be described as proactive, analytical and result-driven, having a quality critical mind, systematical, attentive to accuracy and detail, flexible and not belonging to a standard “9 to 5” mentality.

As for this particular job position, I am about to make an additional contribution to the team. By working at Philips Innovation Services I have learned to identify and solve bottlenecks in process, realizing that manufacturing-process innovation is critical to product innovation. I am passionate about work, been driven by challenges and learning new things on the way that help us continuously improve our products. Working together in team and exchanging our knowledge and experience I could see how processes and products are being gradually and continuously improved. That is what gives me satisfaction and motivation to do my best and contribute even more.

Many thanks in advance for considering my application and I am hopeful for your invitation to an interview.

Sincerely yours,

Tamara Stosic