Karthikeyan Karuppusamy

Graduate Mechanical Engineer with a background in Design, Fabrication and Maintenance

The Netherlands


I like to see components working when designed, fabricated and made put together for the first time. I have done this three times
during my participation in student teams. In one of those teams, I got a chance to led to the team. Having finished my academics
successfully, I am willing to do the design, proposal and implementation things in my career life but with new challenges. I can speak a
little bit of Dutch and can also understand a little bit of German. I am ready to relocate.


09-2018 to 08-2019

Design Engineer at Electric Superbike Twente

1.Fabrication of Glass fibre bodywork
2.Design and fabrication of the low-voltage frame assembly
3.Design and fabrication of 3D printed dashboard
4.Tools used – SOLIDWORKS, Ansys

07-2018 to 01-2019

Student Intern, Design and Engineering at Stevens Ide Partners

1.Developing maintenance concepts for industrial enclosures
2.Conversion of sketches to 3D CAD models using SOLIDWORKS
3.Detailed Engineering and drafting
4.3D Printing and model preparation

05-2016 to 04-2017

Vice-Captain and Design Lead at Team Blitzkrieg Racing

1.Team management, Chief welder
2.Design and fabrication of roll cage and suspension linkages
3.Achieved 18th position in SAE Baja India 2017 out of 150 teams
4.Tools used – SOLIDWORKS, Ansys, Hypermesh

05-2015 to 04-2016

Design Engineer at Team Blitzkrieg Racing

1.Design and fabrication of roll cage
2.Aesthetic design and drafting
3.Achieved 44th position in SAE BAJA India 2016 out of 150 teams
4.Tools used – SOLIDWORKS, Ansys, Hypermesh


09-2017 to 12-2019

Master of Science in Mechanical engineering at Universiteit Twente

08-2013 to 04-2017

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at Kumaraguru College of Technology, Anna University