hady elmahrangy

Maintenance Engineer


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I am applying through your website regarding the possibility of joining as a Service/Maintenance Engineer, I am interested in Service Engineer as I am already a frequent traveler and like to make connections globally, I am also able to do presentations and demonstrations in front of the audience due to the skills I gained through my master studies in Management.

I am about to obtain my Master’s Degree in Strategy and Innovation Management from the University of Hasselt – Belgium. During my studies, I developed solid knowledge on how to take strategic decisions and turning ideas into reality by applying the appropriate innovation management. I also did an internship with Volvo in Gent, and engaged in VITAM tool development, and provided a review report to improve the interface of the tool, and also for the technical and leadership related issues such as reducing human error and enhancing internal communication.

Furthermore, I have got my Bachelor’s Degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University in 2014. Then, following my graduation, I used to work as Rotating Equipment Engineer in PETROMAINT, which is a subcontractor company in oil and gas, and have had the privilege to get insight into technical and management techniques, having experienced interesting approaches dealing with customers such as bidding, employment contractor and presenting troubleshooting issues in an understandable way. Besides that, I got a solid understanding of mechanical design, rotating equipment, and electric motors.

I am extremely interested in joining this multi-national company as their first concern is innovation, and this aligned with my passion and studies in strategy and innovation management. I also aim to increase the value of the organizations’ products/services to reach the competitive advantage required by applying my knowledge in both Mechanical Engineering, and strategy and innovation management, and doing this in your company would be such an opportunity to learn in growing my skills in such competitive environment.

Finally, I would like to attach my CV to consider me as a potential candidate.
Looking forward to your good news.

Hady Elmahrangy