Gary Paginton

Material Handler / Logistics Specialist



I am a UK citizen who has lived in Eindhoven for the last 2,5 yrs. with  my Dutch girlfriend and I am looking for an English speaking job in NL.

I am very interested in roles that focus on analyzing problems and quality improvement; two of my strengths. Both due to my seniority and my character I naturally see room for improvement and I often spot ways to work more efficient.

I am a very experienced Warehouse Logistics Operator, who has a lot of experience in handling different materials incl. sensitive and often valuable materials and components. For example, during my time at Babcock I was responsible for identifying and physically accounting for valuable army assets like periscopes. My last job was for Advantech Eindhoven, a High-Tech company handling IoT related products, so also in the technology field I have good experience.


At Advantech and my jobs prior to that, I have gained a lot of experience with logistic systems incl. SAP. Especially in the last 2 years I have become very proficient with SAP, for example tracing warehouse inventory, tracking stock and using SAP to check if processes are being followed.

I am also used to meeting deadlines and have the ability to still maintain a high-quality level under pressure. Furthermore, I am a skilled team member who is also capable of executing a task independently. I enjoy new challenges and I am a keen learner who familiarizes himself with new tasks easily. I also naturally take the initiative to aid my fellow team members with their tasks after I finished my own tasks. At Advantech I also took the responsibility to document processes to make it easier for new staff members to follow procedures.

My former team leader specifically said my ability to see the bigger picture was a big plus on the job. As a senior team member, I also usually came in early so that I was able to oversee the workload for the day. I am also a strong communicator and have experience training other team members on the job.

I therefore think that I am a good candidate for this role and I am looking forward to discussing the job with you in person.